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Privacy Statement
Personal Information Collection Statement
Last Updated: June 2003
Outfax.com strictly follows the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the HKSAR with respect to personal information collected via our web sites, email, and/or any other means throughout our standard business operation. In particular,
  1. all our service order forms and email correspondence will bear the URL link to this statement, and will state strictly the purpose of the collection of data;

  2. we will periodically contact the source of information to maintain accuracy of the collected information;

  3. the information collected will strictly be used for the purpose as stated in the collection process ONLY, and will not be used for other purposes except:

    • for point #2 above;
    • the disclosure of the information to the Telecommunication Authority where such disclosure is required by law for the discharge of the licensee's obligations under provisions in the Telecommunication Ordinance;

  4. the information collected will be kept and secured by Outfax.com in the best possible way known to us; we will continue to revise our security strategy to cope with the technology changes;

  5. all Outfax.com information subjects have the right to change, and/or request from Outfax.com a copy of ALL data kept by us relevant to the subject any time, given reasonable processing time from us.