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  1. What is Outfax.com? What are the benefits of using Outfax.com?  
    Outfax.com allows you to send out faxes electronically. You simply upload the document to us and we will send it out for you. You can communicate with your overseas business partners and friends with zero cost by using this service.  
  2. Can I receive fax through Outfax.com?  
    No, Outfax.com does not offer fax receive service.  
  3. Which countries can I send fax to?  
    Currently we only cover fax numbers in Hong Kong. We will extend the coverage to other countries very soon.  
  4. What are the supported file formats on the attachment?  
    We support the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Word(.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel(.xls, .xlsx), plain text, Rich Text Format, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, GIF, PDF
      5. Is there any limitation on the faxes and their attachments?  
        There is a limit on the number of pages per fax. Users can see their limits when composing new faxes. Under special considtions, registered users can contact us if they need more pages per fax.  
      6. Do I have an option to exclude the coverpage in the fax?  
        Yes. Registered users can choose to use our coverpage or not. They can use their own coverpages by uploading them as attachments.  
      7. How do I know the fax has delivered or not?  
        For registered users, once faxes have sent or consider failed, we will send confirmation emails to their email addresses. They can also login to our web site and check the status.  
      8. What will happen if the recipient's fax number is busy?  
        If the target fax number is busy, we will retry 2 more times with 5 minutes wait intervals. If the fax line is still busy after all attempts, the fax transmission is considered to be failed.  
      9. How long does it take to deliver my fax?  
        Once you submitted the fax request to us, it will queue up in our fax server. Usually it will be sent within a few minutes.